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Red face favorite n00b question...which is better?

Ok i would just like to say im new to the forums so take it easy on me , recently i just got into airsoft with some friends although we had crappy walmart/canadian tire guns we had a blast. Anyway now i want to look for a better gun something that (literally) wont fall apart in my hands.
Now i just want to say im not gonna buy a $400 gun because i know i wont be going airsofting that often so i want an average gun.
Here are the 3 that I found (i put inorder to which ill most likely buy)

1. (cybergun) Swiss Arms SIG 552 AEG -$230 (007 airsoft)

2. H&K MP7 AEP - $150 (Bass Pro shop)

3. GamerFace MP5 or M4 -$230 (Bass Pro Shop)

I am underage (17) but my mom will support my buy so im not trying to beat the system. The place me & my friends went to is only CQB and they allow max 320 Fps. Suggestions for which is best will help, or for different guns
Thank YOU!
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