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Location: 11-30-24-1W5 might be a better place if you're looking for more expert information however I am somewhat versed in .177 and 4.5mm airguns and pellet guns.

Anyways.... CT and Walmart are kind of crappy places to get *nice* pellet guns. Sure they sell the run of the mill cheap ass pellet guns (they're not bad for the price per se but don't expect the same performance of a Supra out of a Civic is basically what I'm saying) for whatever but if you want a nice one like Anschutz, Benelli, Beeman and the like you'll have to go to speciality stores for that kind of stuff.

So if you're looking for something to have fun with then the Daisy (Avanti or Powerline) is probably what you will find that fits your needs.

Airgundepot or Pyramidair are probably pretty good choices and they are allowed to cross the border but beware since most AIRSOFT CANNOT CROSS THE BORDER because they are not classed in the same category as airguns (.177 and such that shoot 495 FPS for non PAL holders). If you want to purchase in Canada however I believe Airgunsource is a pretty reputable retailer.

NOTE: That CERTAIN AIR RIFLES YOU WILL NEED A VALID PAL LICENSE. This is because they are considered firearms (the ones that shoot above 500 FPS). So most of the "Air Force" line will be out of your reach however Daisy Avanti and Powerline are perfect for that since they fall into the realm where general public can purchase.

EDIT: Also if people don't call their hits they'll find that they get invited to less and less games so call your hits (and if in doubt just call yourself out anyways). Basically be fair and honourable, if you are sure it didn't hit you then continue playing but if in doubt just call yourself out.
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