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Originally Posted by a2thebeaast View Post
I knew that title would work!

ANYWAY idk if its necessarily acceptable that i ask about air pistols that shoot metal BBs and technically are NOT airsoft.. (see below)

But anyway, Enough of that.. I was wondering (legally) about getting the Umarex SA177.. I already like the thing but legallity is the deciding factor. Its listed to fire at 380 FPS, and fires metal BBs (steel) its .177 caliber (Not 6mm, its roughly 4.5mm) anyway I just figured this forum would be somewhere i can ask educated people. Im not age verified because i dont plan on buying off the site.... FYI i just broke my crosman stinger p9 airsoft pistol. anywhere i can get a new spring for that?

I live in toronto, and im aware that outside use is probably prohibited by a bylaw but i just want to shoot paper targets inside. I play paintball more than airsoft but, this is a cleaner indoor option.

Thanks for the responses (in advance)
Guess what, you just broke a forum rule, NO you cannot use PELLET guns as AIRSOFT guns, 2 different things, and prepare to get flamed. And pro tip, DONT BUY "AIRSOFT" GUNS FROM WALMART, CANADIAN TIRE, OR ANYTHING CLEAR PLASTIC.

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