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Guys, after dealing with parcel-farce (parcel force) and cyprus pissed (cyprus post) i have to say that most of the problems you face are mild..

Imagine having (in ONE week) three packages go missing (at different stages, so it's not my local postie who realised and nabbed them) and having to wait a month because the packages 'might arrive' dispite the fact that the tracking they have has said that the items have been sitting around at one location for 10 days already...

i thought things were bad in the uk, but cyprus takes the piss,

ANY PACKAGE (and i mean ANYTHING larger then a medium envelope) means you'll get a 'green card' which means you have to go fetch it from your local office.. (they don't 'do' deliveries) but to top it off, IF your item is larger then a random size, then it gets kept at the large regional office.. tracking marks it down as 'reciever not at home blahblah'

plus the fact that cyprus is a _small_ island but it takes a week for it to get from the airport to my local post office, (80 km) and then another 1 or 2 days for the green card to be sent out from the local post office to me (1km)

i don't even bother waiting for the green cards any more, if it's a tiny package then i'll show up with the tracking details and ID and get them to search for it. if it's a bigger package i have to go to the big post office and be nice until i get someones attention long enough to get them to search..

bah, don't mind me.. i've recently had a package from england get stolen, had to wait for a month to get a refund and now my order from WGC shop is delayed so i won't have all my parts that i _REALLY_ needed before the weekend.. which has an event that i planned what i would need a month and a half ago.

a scientific principle must apply here: 'the speed of any item of post is inversely proportional to the level of desire/need the reciever has for the contents devided by the number of times the reciever tracks the package via the online tracking'

meaning: ignore the fact that you have an item coming and it'll fly faster then humanly possible..
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