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Originally Posted by mr_nuts31 View Post
I do remember seeing one in action, don't know if you can call it a flamethrower, but all it was is a literally a huge continuous spray of bbs at about 400fps powered by compressed air.
Ya, I don't want to use bbs, they cost and cover the ground. The field we play on is intensely fillied with brush of strange types and could easily use a 'flame' in a brush clearing squad. Or even charging structures it would be useful.

The leaf blower will probably work out but I would like to test it still, being blown at is nothing but if it picks up lots of little rocks? Ya not so cool. Heading out to the hardware store I'm sure some lonely worker will enjoy my attempting this and give some advice. I just wish it could be light and quiet... Not realistic but I can always try.

Anybody got ideas to add in this?
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