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Originally Posted by Strelok View Post
One thing, taking your time to spell and properly set up sentences will go a long way. It'll help us be able to help you, and when its a jumbled mess like that it just makes things a bit hard for us.

Anyway, from what I 'can' understand, i'll try to answer the following.

There should be Tightbore barrels made specifically for the m700 somewhere out there, see if you can come across A Tanaka barrel as the KJW m700 is a clone of one. Im pretty sure there is a person that makes barrels for it somewhere in the states, but i can't remember his name. Do a bit of Searching I suppose!

As for the bolt? Don't paint it, or you won't be able to move the bolt at all, the paint adds a thick layer on top and I don't think the gun will like that.

Though, why not keep the gun Black and Silver? Having a Shiny silver barrel and a camouflage body simply doesn't make any sense. Sniper rifles are sniper rifles. Not bling-bling show peices.
you raise a good point senor. and as for my spelling, i usualy spell check my posts on fourms with word, but, new computer, and no word. so i can't spell check. and i don't realy pay atention, or care how i spell on the internet other wise. but thatks for the help man, i never thought of useing the tanaka TBB. i think one comes with the fluted barrel on ASGI, but i need to sand out the body a bit to get it to fit proper im told. but im good at that, and im willing to try it, as oposed to triming a barrel.
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