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I wonder what would have happen if this person who called the cops saw little boys playing with toy cap guns..

In general if you are going to do target practice in your backyard, you make friends with your neighbors and show them the cool gun you got. That's what I do and they have no problem with it.

Originally Posted by Jagdalex View Post
You are right, but if the guy whould have done like what I did a few yars ago here in downtown Mtl (he would prolly never had any prob). I went and saw my neighbours and explained them that I was shooting in the backyard but that it was not a real gun but shooting paint. I had an MP5 and let me tell you on full auto it did not sound like a sewing just by the sound of it if you don't see the paintball you can surely think that some crazy Mofo is shooting someone in the street. But since I had let my neighbours know in the first place, I never had any problem.
I dont know, AEG's tend to sound like toy guns when firing, if it was a GBBR, maybe I can see that a little more. But in the end we can't really say anything since we were not there, and no pics were taken. For all we know this guy is some troubled guy that usually involves himself in bad stuff and just looks bad.

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