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Originally Posted by Eeyore View Post
Because brandishing a weapon in public is a criminal offence and not reporting a crime is a criminal offence as well. The person who called the cops did nothing wrong. If they had any concern it was perhaps a real weapon they did exactly the right thing.
You are right, but if the guy whould have done like what I did a few yars ago here in downtown Mtl (he would prolly never had any prob). I went and saw my neighbours and explained them that I was shooting in the backyard but that it was not a real gun but shooting paint. I had an MP5 and let me tell you on full auto it did not sound like a sewing just by the sound of it if you don't see the paintball you can surely think that some crazy Mofo is shooting someone in the street. But since I had let my neighbours know in the first place, I never had any problem.

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