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Go electric, you won't regret it.

Sure it may be fun to game with a GBB(R) but it's still a good idea to bring a backup just in case.

As for which to get first I'm a proponent of the AK or AR-15 platform for a first gun and brandwise TM, CA, G&P, STAR/ARES, VFC, etc. are the best to start out with but expect it to cost you a pretty penny like in the $500+ range. However if you buy it you can pretty much game it stock and not have to worry about any heavy maintenance/repairs for a while.

Now if you decide that JG or other such "clone" brands (note: technically almost everything is a clone off of TM however the word "clone" is generally reserved for lower quality brands) are more in your price range that's great too but expect some more regular maintenance. They're not bad guns at all but at the same time don't be expecting awesome performance/durability out of a cheaper gun like that.

Definitely though, don't be buying that CT crap; except for the S34P which is a clone of the TM M3 and another gun (forget which one but I believe it runs off the 12gr CO2 caplets) are only decent clearsoft at CT nothing else is really noteworthy.
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