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Gun boxes are great.. I use one at home.. picked it up from walmat for $20ish... On another note this is from the Saanich police website in the question and answer section...

This is from the questions and answers sections of the saanich police website from last year

"September 25th, 2009 at 7:38 am... See More


This may not be the best question but i was wondering if you would know of a good place to play airsoft is, Ive been looking and i havent found a forest or a place where nobody is going. And i do know that it should be in a closed area where no one can see so i was wondering if you had any ideas.

Saanich Police Response:

Hi Justin,

Unfortunately I can’t give you an exact location where it would be safe and legal for you to play with an airsoft gun. As you are aware, Saanich Municipal bylaw prohibits the discharge of any firearm within it’s jurisdiction except in well defined situations by authorized personnel. And according to the bylaw, a firearm includes an airsoft gun.

I do have a basic understanding of airsoft technology though and appreciate that when used safely, the risk of serious injury is low. It does still look like a gun and that is where the difficulty in discharging it around others lies.

My suggestion to you would be to contact local paintball companies for assistance.

Good luck in your search.

Response by Sgt. Julie Fast
I know saanich police arn't against airsoft but this situation did warrent what happened here. To bad it got plastered all over the papers

Here's another from Sannich from a few days ago... Pellet gun but same reaction.
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