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Sorry for the Double post... This was a previous member of our local Club (he quit about 4 months ago, but was active for well over a year) All his guns, including the G36 was for sale, I guess it isn't anymore. That was just a spectaularly dumb move on his part and he knows better. Also Sannich and Victoria police arn't as against airsoft as the article make it out to be. A couple of them have come and played with us. This was a stupid decision that ended up in a bad situation putting police on the edge as they just were doing their job. I dont think he can be charged for anything except that it's illegal to fire a firearm in Sannich (bb/pellet gun included). Living in this area and coordinator for a large team that includes people living in Victoria, I'm now having to do a lot of Damage control. :banghead:
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