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Greenwolf gives you good advice.

If you're cheap, you're going to want generic everything to minimize buying kit that is required for one gun and one gun only. That means buying guns with odd mags sizes that don't fit in generic pouches is a no-no. So if you're tring to go cheap, cross the P90 and and G3 variant off your list. I have several AK's, and I have an AK-specific chest rig for them. I also have several Armalite variants, and I have a separate M4/M16-specific plate carrier for them. I also have a P90, which requires it's own pouches, and a Tanaka M700 AICS sniper rifle which also requires it's own mag pouches. I have different vests for different setups; but then again, I'm not cheap, and I have a fair bit of expendable income.

JG/Echo-1 are OK for a beginner....they are mostly TM-compatible (and virtually all aftermarket upgrade parts are for TM-compatible guns). If you want higher-end, stick to Classic Army, Tokyo Marui, G&P, STAR/ARES, or King Arms. I'm not a big fan of G&G, because most of their stuff isn't 100% TM compatible.

Looking at your list, I notice you have a lot of "unique" guns. I'd suggest you really get out to a game and handle as many as possible before you make your choice. The reason for this is simple: a gun you like the looks of may not fit your body type very well, ergonomically speaking. For example, a G3 is a very long rifle; if you are short, you may find it unwieldy. Conversely, if you are tall, a P90 may not be a good choice as it is so small you may not be able to get a good cheek weld without your arms sticking out at all sorts of crazy angles. Many taller people find AK buttstocks too short; some short people (like me, at 5'9") find standard Armalite buttstocks too long. You don't want to shell out several hundred bucks to buy a gun you think looks cool only to find out you hate the way it handles....

Among your choices, I can make some suggestions:

TAR-21 (saw the Ares model, is there another option?) - the only other option is custom, and if you think the Ares is expensive, you don't wanna see the price tag on the other.

MP7 - TM makes a AEP, but it's not really suitable for outdoor gaming. KSC also makes a gas MP7, but mags are very expensive and again, it's not really suited for outdoor gaming, although it's nice indoors. Mags - I dunno if MP5 mag pouches would hold MP7 mags.

P90 - Classic Army (Proline, not Sportline as mentioned before) and Tokyo Marui make very good P90's. I've never handled the JG/Echo-1 E90, but it's a 99% clone of the TM. I say 99% clone because it has some slight differences - for example it uses standard bushings in the gearbox instead of the unique v.6 bushings TM used in it's v.6 gearbox. Mags - you will need P90-specific pouches.

F2000 signature optic (neither the JLS nor the G&G F2000s come with that sight, and what's the point of an F2000 without it?) - never handled any of these, so I can't comment.

G3 - Tokyo Marui G3's need Classic Army metal body kits to fix some flex problems right out of the box, so going with a Classic Army G3 is a cheaper option to start. I wouldn't touch any of the other cloned G3's with a 110 foot pole (like the Both Elephant version). Again, mags are longer than M4 mags, so you will need G3-specific pouches.

G36 full-sized (not -K, not -C, not MG36) - Classic Army is the king here, although the TM has excellent reliability and build quality, the fibre-reinforced plastic on the Classic Army is nicer than the TM ABS. There have been many good reviews about the JG/Echo-1 as a cheaper option. Remember that G36 mags are "fatter" than M4 mags because of the lock together tabs....that means if you plan to use standard M4 pouches, you can only get 1 mag in a double M4 pouch, or 2 mags in a triple M4 pouch.
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