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Originally Posted by Rooster View Post
To the original poster; Don't mistake the word cheap for affordable. There are more affordable options for sure.

Myself for instance, I went with a Kraken AK-47. Affordable but decent. I had to invest $50 in a sim job, regrease and downgrade of the spring. It runs like a champ. But do realize you will be out gunned. The $500-600 guns will have better builds, better range, better accuracy. But it only makes you play harder IMO. You have to be closer, and have a better shot.
Couldn't have said it better myself. My first (and currently only) AEG wasn't an OMGWTFBBQ $800 gun but rather it was something that at the time I found to be affordable and considering my options and avenues of what I could get probably one of the better decisions that I could make in regards to buying a gun. It wasn't the cheapest of the cheap and certainly not a higher grade rifle. It was in the middle and closer to the cheaper/more affordable side for being a student on a budget.

With a Kraken it's; buy it, open it up and put another $50 or so into it and play with it until something else breaks and you replace that. Certainly not an option that a lot of people would promote but definitely something you could do if you'd rather meter out money over time (ie. the difference between buying a cheap/beater car and paying maintenance costs more often or buying something like a Corolla or Tercel (higher initial cost) that will work but you still have to do some/less regular maintenance).
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