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FPS is around 450 with 0.20s (you dont use 0.20 so with 0.30 its even less)
That's irrelevent, because it is the Joules output that matters not the FPS per say but the FPS in relation with the mass of the BB. So saying that with 0.30 it's even less will confuse newbies into thinking that with a rifle shooting 430 FPS with .30 they are ok, when it is absolutely not ok.

So even the real maruzen l96 is plastic body and kinda creaky like the clone? That's kinda dumb considering it's like 550 stock. If the clone is almost equal I'd rather go with that
Well the main reason that you are paying more is that tolerance is much higher with Japan made rifles compared to Chinese made one and that the upgrades parts are made to fit bolt on onto the Japanese rifles (like TM or Maruzen etc...) so either you are willing to use your dremel a bit and be prepared to encounter fitting problems (which is not always the case, sometimes it does fit bolt on too with very minor modifications) or you pay 300$ more for the real deal and everything fits bolt on...your call!

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