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M700 TBB and Bolt questions

Any one know where to find a DB 6.01 Tight bore barrel for a KJW M700 police? i wan't to know if i can find one b4 i buy both the gun, and the AirsoftGI TBB, since the GI suposidly requires a bit of triming b4 it can be instaled. and i rrrrrrrrrrrly dont want to do that, since i have never done that b4, and im afraid i might mess up the barrel. So if any one knows where to find A DB barrel, please let me know where to get it, or if i should just suck it up and get the GI. and if i need to get the GI, can any one tell me how to trim it properly? and while im here, do they make a silver bolt for the KJ M700, or should i just paint mine? because i'd like to know b4 i paint it, since im woried it might interfear with the bolts functionality. and i need to paint it silver to match the Fluted Steel Barrel im geting, and painting silver for it (body's guna be camo :P) plz reply or PM me with ansers.
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