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Noob questions rd. 3: what are my options for these guns?

There are obviously a few guns I am particularly interested in obtaining AEGs replicas of. What would be a midrange option AND a high-end option for each?

TAR-21 (saw the Ares model, is there another option?)



F2000 signature optic (neither the JLS nor the G&G F2000s come with that sight, and what's the point of an F2000 without it?)


G36 full-sized (not -K, not -C, not MG36)

Thanks so much! I know I should be doing my own research, and I did do quite a bit. These are the pieces I'm having trouble with. I like expert opinions and it might be fun for you guys? If not, uh, flame away I guess.

PS. would any of you recommend JG/Echo1 as guns for beginners?
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