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The part you are referring too is called HI51-52 and can be a bit of a pain in the ass to source. And no you cannot just "remove it" as it is integral for the hammer group to function and for the safeties to be in alignment.

Its exact name eludes me at the moment.

A general rule of helping people diagnose and fix problems. Do not tell people how to fix guns on these forums without providing actual factual information. Removing that part from the gun will cause it to cease to function safely, you have just suggested without explanation that someone potentially damage their gun. Least to say removing that particular part can be quiet a pain in the ass for someone unfamiliar with dis-assembly of that gun and can result in quiet a bit of frustration when they start attempting to remove the Hammer Mech and spring loaded parts go flying all over the room.

As for removing the front tang portion of this part, the pistol could potentially function however that tang is used to ensure that the *part that feeds the bb's* is at the correct position and height when during the cycle to ensure that bb's feed properly and correctly. Removing it could cause an increase in misfeeds and possibly damage either your magazines or the "part that feeds".

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