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I know you said GBB... but if you want a pistol that will really piss of people on the other team pick up a TM NBB mk23. With the silencer on that thing they are so whisper quiet. Got a guy out here that plays with just pistols, he carries on the field a mk23, a Glock AEP, and more often than not my hicappa dragon as a back up to a back up.

but that MK23... I HATE THAT THING. *wap....* wtf where did that come from? BTW prob one of the only guns in airsoft where the silencer does something. And it being NBB no moving parts... meaning less maintenance = more reliability and you can generally play in cooler climates.

btw just as an add in, I do play with my mac11 often as my main arm. its def a wait until they are close gun. In fact this last day out I had two people creeping up on me, I fired at one and apparently the gun is loud... it startled the other player and he had a knee jerk reaction to just call him self out too lol. 2 kills that were 60 degree apart with 3 rounds.... I am just that amazing.

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