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The reason why im planning to get a KM 6.04mm is because i DO use a silencer to cover my barrel, but for some reason, it shoots inside the barrel even after i reposition my barrel/silencer. Sometimes the silencer deflects the bb as its shooting out.

I already have a Prom POM chamber with a Prom 363mm barrel for my CQB setup.. I want to be able to have a longer barrel so i can swap it out with my silencer setup. So im not really replacing my prom barrel, i want to get a longer one for my other setup. Get it?

EDIT: Im aiming for a length of 488mm but i know that that exact length can not be attained. Im planning to get a KM 6.04mm 469mm barrel since i want the length to be closest to the tip of the silencer as much as possible to prevent the bb's from shooting the inside of the silencer.

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