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Airsoft Related Challenges (with prizes)

I have a crapton of guns I never use. But instead of selling them, because that'd be boring..

...I'd like to sort of hold some airsoft-related contests with them with a small entry fee and the prize being one of my guns.

I'd like to know how many people would be interested in such a thing. For example, the first one I was thinking would be like a $15 entry fee and make it a "Build a sniper's ghillie suit out of materials solely found at Walmart" (proof of purchase at Walmart and of course, photos of the final product required) and the grand prize winner (selected by a panel of judges) would receive a KJW M700 Takedown (lightly used). I'd cover my own expense up to 75% of the price I would ask for it (approximately fair market value) and donate the rest to a worthy charity (probably United Way.)

If I get a lot of interest, I'mma go ahead (with the ASC administration's blessing) and do this up in the fall (because I'm deploying for a bit in the meantime.)

If not, I'll go back to my well in the basement and tell it to rub the lotion on its skin.

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