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Thanks guys for the info!

Since I'm more interested in getting several nice-looking guns for playing around with than one or two high-performance ones I'd rely on in the field (only 20, in grad school, basically in no shape to play the game regularly), my next question is one of economy.

Is it easy to get ahold of lower-end to midrange AEGs on the classifieds here? Again, let's use the JLS F2000 as a benchmark.

Most of the retailers advertising here on ASC seem to only carry high-end pieces, and certainly the G2000 recommended above isn't going for anything less than $400... doesn't list anything under $300 either.

Right now, for me, even $250 is pushing it. I know this is laughable for a serious airsoft player, but I don't think that title will fit me for a few years.

Thanks for the help!

EDIT: Saw the second post down on the "prices for guns" post. Screenshots, what dedication! Trawling that first, BRB.

EDIT AGAIN: Lots of G&G, CA, and TM...cheaper brands not so much. Are the lower end brands just considered "not worth the effort" by importers, I guess?

EDIT A THIRD TIME: Obviously uninterested in clearsoft, repainted or otherwise. This might seem counterintuitive, like asking for a rad sports car at the price of a Honda Civic...but if I don't ask I'll never know, right?

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