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Originally Posted by Donster View Post
The only other brand that comes near prometheus, is KM (at least from what i have read). Madbull is decent, but apparently their barrels are thin walled. Ive handled Madbul barrels, and it seems like there is some truth to that statement.
Just to give credit to this statement. Had an M4 that we put the madbull 6.03 in and it was thin walled, more so than the systema 6.04 that was in it. We had problems with the madbull moving and the hop-up units spring did not keep it in place against the nozzle. One high-cap or three mids was all it would shoot before breaking the airseal and dropping in fps. Put the systema back in and no problems, it is tight enough in the outer barrel to stop this problem. The player decided to keep the old systema regardless of his issues with its grouping just cuz it was such a head ache to figure out the madbulls problem and no immediate solution could be conjured up. The difference between the two was almost not visable but sliding it into the outer you could feel the madbull was loose.
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