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New memeber from Vancouver area looking for airsoft information

Hey guys,

So I want to join Airsoft, since I decided that paintball is way too damned expensive. Well, mostly it's just because I want to own full-auto replicas of cool military firearms. Since I'm living in Vancouver I am nowhere near close (read: busing distance) to a decent Airsoft community, not to mention in this town it's difficult to find people who share an interest in guns. So, either way, I won't be actually playing the game much.

Whether these are good reasons for joining Airsoft is a discussion for another day.

What I want to ask is:

I read up on the legality debate surrounding airsoft, but based on the current import laws, it appears that retailers won't carry any airsoft guns that aren't translucent-plastic. I personally find it a bit unfair considering Canadian Tire carries boss-looking paintball guns RIGHT NEXT to the toy-like AEGs, but what are you gonna do.

Is it easy to get ahold of the non-translucent plastic AEGs? For example, I'm looking for the JLS FN2000, but this isn't a "wanted" ad. :P

I haven't gotten age-verified yet (and won't if the answer to the above is a "no"), obviously.

Thank you so much! I'm very sorry I don't have the patience to search for the answers. I figured just asking would be ok. If a veteran here would be nice enough to help out that would be wonderful.
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