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I had an airgun when I was about 12-14, and I loved it. You can hunt small game(pidgeons, squirrels, any type of rodent that is a pest, really) and can get to be a fairly decent shot with it. I could hit a pop can at about 100ft off, I'm not sure wether or not thats mediocre or excellent, but it was hard and I loved setting up lots of targets and trying to bullseye them all. It gave me something to do for a few hours.

Now, being 19, I take out the .22 rifle and the 308 Winchester rifle and have a blast sighting them and then going for deer. As TokyoSeven stated, real steel will always be much more fun, especially in the marksman category.

Airsoft may seem more exciting, but unfortunatly the rules(or whatever you want to call them) for the general canadian airsoft community states 16-18+, and thats the way it'll stay...

Best of luck.
Looking for an Age Verifier who passes through Renfrew area to contact me! PM me please!

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