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C.A.N.S. Rules and Code of Conduct

As some of you may have noticed this section goes ages without an update. Unfortunately I am attempting to wear to many hats at once. In order to get rid of some of the burden and free up some time for my reviews both here and on my site I have decided to hand over the reigns.

What does that mean for you?
-It means you can post new and interesting products that are hitting the market
-It means if you are a manufacturer or retailer you can post news of upcoming product lines by skipping the middle man

How does it all work?
-The threads in this section are moderated so that a certain level of quality, and adherence to the rules is followed
-You post up your information about the new toy or what have you and an admin checks if its a repost and if it follows the rules. Once they do this it is allowed to exist and other users can see and post in the new thread.

What are the rules?
-If you snag the news from another site please put it in quotes and give credit to the site you got it from.
-Please follow the normal forum rules when posting
-Check if it is a duplicate thread by doing a search of this section in the top right of your forum page.

This will slowly evolve over time and it will only be as good as the news posted in it so get posting guys.
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