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lol, but the performance makes it oh so worth it.

I dunno, I've got a clone metal MEU myself, and gas consumption when compared side by side to a stock TM is really quite noticeable. Mind you, I use my MEU as a secondary - I've never had to field it as a primary, and therefore cool down never really comes into play. For the summer, a metal MEU (clone as it may be) running a 150% Guarder spring kit with 1.5 coils cut off of the recoil spring seems to be doing fine though. I'm averaging about 23 rapidly fired shots with one mag, some cool down around the 15th shot - but hell, when am I ever going to smoke someone with 15 shots from a secondary anyway? Metal does sound so much nicer than the plastic TM though... the clink on 1911's is what I live for. Without that... well, it's just plastic, it's pretty ... meh sounding, for a lack of a better term.
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