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Welcome Quinton

I'm sorry to say that I don't really have much good news for you in regards to your inquiry.

As it stands for your budget and due to the fact of your age, airsoft is not really in an achievable position for you at this time. As it stands even the lowest quality bolt action rifles are already five to six times out of your price range. Also due to the fact that you reside in Ontario, provincial law states that you require to be a minimum age of of 18 before you can even purchase an airsoft, pellet or BB gun.

As for safe venues of play when it comes to airsoft. The majority of players enjoy game play at local paintball fields in their respective areas. There are certain instances where members have created their own private facilities and playing fields that are safe and far from that of public view.

If you are interested in precision shooting I suggest that you speak to your parents about the topic. Perhaps they or a relative would be able start looking into this hobby with you together. As it stands shoot real steal rifles is thousands of times funner and have exceedingly more accuracy and range than an airsoft rifle could ever hope to achieve.
Thank you, TokyoSeven, for taking the time to write an in-depth response such as this.

I should have stated this before, but i am just looking for a gun to do some plinking with.

The reason i wondered about legality, is because if im plinking, with a Rifle, then the 30ft in my basement is too short of a distance, but i guess in public is also out of the question.

I dont mind having a different, cheaper gun, as long as i can buy a cheap sniper scope for it, so that i can still practice accuracy shooting.

The gun can be cheaper than a battle-ready one, because i wont be rushing to take shots, or quickly reloading. I can check it after every shot in my basement, etc.

Thanks again for your response.
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