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Hey everyone,

My name Sean, 23 yrs. old from London, Ontario area. I will be moving to Kitchener in Sept/Oct this year. I live on a farm with my parents currently and have a JG M4A1 coming in the mail; it will be my first airsoft rifle. I own my own paintball equipment but rarely use it as it's expensive, messy, and living out of town I never have the time nor desire to go get a Co2 refill haha.

I'm planning on doing some target practice around the farm with the M4, since I've got lots of space and random equipment laying around, hill mounds, downed trees, etc. I can play out my own scenarios on the paper targets in different situations. I hope to make it out to some games eventually though, since I'll be moving into the city I'll no longer have the land on the farm to play around on.
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