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Originally Posted by Degenetron View Post
Ok, i dunno if this has been an issue before, but i thought i'd like to raise it Am i the only one who thinks Marui 1911 models are wildly unbalanced? I recently got a MEU and it felt like i was gripping onto a lead cylinder untill i replaced the original grips. There is absolutely no weight in the front and the ballast they store in the grips are semi ok, if you do not have a magazine inserted.. but once you do .. it is very very grip heavy.. i understand they want to get as close to the RS in weight as possible.. but ffs.. adding all that weight in one place is not the way to go.. Thoughts?
Yeah its unbalanced. Upgrade to a metal kit and some internals like your outer barrel + chamber, and you'll notice a dramatic change in weight distribution. I have aluminum grips on my gun too so with the mag inserted into the gun, it feels lovely... yes lovely.

EDIT: If you want to be ambitious, and depending on the material your pistol grips are made from, you can hollow them out to accept the stock metal inserts. One of my 1911s is wearing a pair of OD gunner grips hollowed out to accept the inserts.

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