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Originally Posted by Najohn View Post
What was to consistency of Auto Firing for the gun with a high cap? Did it dry fire? Jam? Double feed? etc.? or work perfect fine?
I have NEVER yet had a double-fire or a misfeed, or jam through the gun, using the OEM high-cap or TM mid-caps.

I have had only 1 shot drop off quickly coming out of the gun, out of well over 750 rounds through the gun.

The highcap mag has a springloaded baffle that keeps the BB's pushed toward the feed wheel of the magazine, which is nice because the BB's don't rattle around inside while you move. Though the magazine will fire all 300 rounds on a single winding (if done properly), what does frequently happen is that sometimes the BB's don't line up just right going into the feed wheel. When this happens, the feed wheel has no BB's in it to keep tension, and so the spring completely unwinds, making a sound that makes you think you just stripped your piston, LOL. The best way to reduce this happening is to keep tapping or slapping the magazine to keep the BB's moving forward properly.
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