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Originally Posted by Quinton595 View Post
Well i read everything, and i am dissappointed about the legality..
I wont be able to do anything at this age.

One question though. Im only talking about spring-loaded rifles. What would the price range for those be?
You can if you have a group that will allow it where you live.

Some maybe 18+ only, other 16+ and even others "theoretically" no age limit. Each place will have their own rules however for the most part 18+ is the way it is.

Also, expect $500 minimum to starting out, and that's for slightly less than mediocre gear, not bad mind you but not the greatest either. Ie. you "could" buy a shitty rust bucket that you don't know if it will break down mid way between point a to point b for $500, or you could buy an old and used but decently well cared for sedan like a civic for like $2500 that will get you from a to b but with maybe some slightly higher than regular maintenance required.
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