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Basically for all intents and purposes no. IF and this is a big IF they do let you play it will be on the hosts terms (ie. x age and must have parent playing beside you, or x age and parent/legal guardian is active/good standing member in the local airsoft community, etc.).

We here on the website promote an 18+ environment however 16+ is another age marker that some use as a cutoff.

Even then there are some groups (unfortunately not in Ontario) that do let kids younger than that play. These include EASY Group, Low Shotz, and Ambush Anonymous.

Another thing that might be worth trying out (and only if you're in the sticks (sticks/boondocks = country or rural areas)) is target shooting with air guns like the Daisy Avanti/Powerline or somesuch. You do have to be 18+ to purchase, however with parental supervision you'll be good to go to plink pop cans and target sheets (just make sure you and your parent is safe and have safety equipment and a safe range with backstops and such.

Good luck and it's refreshing to see a "responsible" minor like you (just read a few threads where the original poster is a minor and you'll get the picture of why we hate them so much. That being said, there are also a lot of legal adults that disappoint us as well with the same types of threads asking the same questions) so keep it up and you'll be treated with a lot of respect.
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