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Originally Posted by Stealthee View Post
Do you know if this grease can be used on any other airsoft gun safely?
anything metal on metal, plastic on metal, plastic on plastic.

Originally Posted by Assault Pioneer View Post
hey guys I have an WE/AWSS KAC pdw OPEN BOLT gbbr, I use the usual silicon oil in in propane as I fill the mags but there's gotta be more,

because the action is totally different is there anything different that I have to do? the cleaning process is different obviously but lubing it should be the same right? what kind of lube should I get and where to apply it?

keep using that in your mags. use grease on anything that moves against something that doesn't. ie, the bolt carrier. note the areas that the paint has worn off. lube stuff like that.

use the ultra slick multipurpose grease.
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