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Taking apart AEG for the first time

So I finally have myself a g&g UMG and i'd really like to just clean it up and remove gunk buildup etc. (if there is any right now i can't see it)

heres the thing, all I have is the gun, a battery and 2 mags.

I dont have any proper stuff like a cleaning rod or silicone oil whatever it is.

Theres a video on youtube that shows you step by step how to take it apart completely. I've read that one of the most important things to do is clean the barrel the bb passes down. I plan to just train some qtips down it.

Is there any chemical/oil i should avoid using? I've read to stay away from wd-40.

I've already used goo-gone to wipe down the gun and take off any dirt build up etc.

I dont have a charger so i can't test the gun and its my first AEG so this is all very new to me and it bothers me its just sitting on my coffee table right now lonely
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