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Metal bodies only good for TM's gearboxes..?

I've read a thread here a while back of reviews on metal bodies. i want to convert my m4 plastic body into a metal one. my gearbox is a g&g, but on the reviews in the thread, almost all the gear boxes they showed from every type of brand, all said "it fits good for tm gearboxes, tm this, tm that.) question is...what about all the others? Can my g&g gearbox fit in any metal body? cause if i'd be buying a metal body, (upper and lower) i'd want it to be a good brand (CA, TM, idk the other good ones..) but yeah i'm just scared to buy one and notice it wont fit or something cause it aint compatible with g&g gearboxes XD

halp plox? thanks ^^
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