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Originally Posted by sewktbk View Post
Where do you see me mad? i'm just sayin',you saying something like "What's the benefit other then helping the planet. If I'm not playing in my own backyard why would I care?" sounds completely retarded. And again, why is saving the planet not a valid point?
Well I'm trying to ask a realistic question. Some people honestly don't give two shits about the planet. Not saying its me, but I know a lot of people that don't give a f*. So I want to know if they offer anything else but planet friendly.

Someone mention it helps keep the field clean and not full of bbs. As some field owners dont want to ruin their look etc. These are valid points other then planet friendly points.

Also getting people pming me telling me:
"WE do not want to ruffle any feathers as we pay for insurance the ministry of natural resources dictate we use bio BB's.We use Bio BB's and break down in about a yr . The Problem with Airsoft community is very small and you might be stomping on someone's bussiness. Bioval has had no problem in our top in gun no shatters consistent shot placement etc hope that helps.. "
These answers are usefull respectful answers, not angry flame messages like yours. If you want to go off and flame me, please pm me or be reported.

BTW: If you honestly think EVERYONE cares, then you're sadly mistaken. Otherwise everyone will stop buying regular bbs, am I wrong?

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