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Originally Posted by sewktbk View Post
You for real? do you really need ANOTHER benefit? why is "helping the planet" negligible? not trying to turn this into an environment debate, but common. Its like recycling; Its not even harder, and its better for everyone.

You know how ignorant your comment sounds? i dare you to defend your point with valid arguments and sound intelligent or responsible. And don't give me the few extra dollars reason, you'll sound even worst...
Learn to read, someone told me a valid point without getting upset like you, and it made sense to me. So I agree with it. If you still have a problem with it you can pm me.

Jesus, people on this forum LOVE to start shit. Remember this is a Newbie Tank, if you have a problem with newbies then I suggest you stop checking this section out, or you might be reported for flaming people.

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