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Official I hate Canada postal service thread!!!

Originally Posted by TokyoSeven
The route driver for my area never used to even attempt to deliver the parcel, he would just stick the notice on my mailbox and F-off.

One time I was sitting on my couch and I watched him ring my door bell and the stick the notice to the mail box and immediately walk away before I could even get up. I have made multiple complaints but I know nothing will ever come of it.

Another time I saw him coming up the drive way with my notice so I waited by my door. When I saw his figure through the opaque glass I flung the door open, he almost shit his pants. "Oh I didnt know if anyone was home". There are two cars in the drive way and you didnt think anyone was home? Dumbass.
One word - UNION. Only reason why some of these people are still employed. Let's abuse the shit out of it eh?
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