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Originally Posted by Tsquared View Post
Yes, but I see no reason why you can't use HPA witht he Co2 Adapter on.

For my M203 I've used and tested Duster Gas, HPA, Propane & Co2.

All work fine. Co2 is the best bang though.

The top half screws right into an HPA or CO2 tank.
gas mags (propane/green gas) cannot be used with CO2 or HPA. You will blow out the seals and valves. The CO2 mags use a 12g cartridge and cannot be filled with said charger. This is the same reason GBB pistol mags cannot be used with CO2 or HPA.

simply put, it is a pressure and volume issue. I've explained it before on these forums.

Nades are different since they are designed to use CO2 (depending on which one)
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