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Originally Posted by Tsquared View Post
Not too sure who those were. But it must have been at least 5 years since I last played. Ken Cheung sounds very familiar though. I also had another account, but I totally dont remember the user name for it, however I wasn't ever too big into it at the time. Only played 2 official games, a couple of forest games with friends at their farmland.
Well whatever, most people don't know them if they didn't hang around too much.

Anyways, you CANNOT EVER use HPA with the current GBBR's because the mag's are whats restricting it (someone explained one time that the mags pressure chambers or w/e would the the prohibitive part in both cost and ability to store the high pressure air since it would be unsafe or something). If you ever do want to go HPA, you'll have to go the "classic airsoft" route and have an external rig + line. I'm personally thinking of getting one myself but that's for later.

For now though propane can actually reach pretty high velocities (over the field limit in some cases), the only problem being that you get the dreaded cooldown effect if firing rapidly.
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