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Originally Posted by Jagdalex View Post

Dude instead of talking about something that you don't know shit about, (the game that I am hosting) you should come see for yourself if they really cant compare to the winter games, I was told that after March nobody would come and yet we are in July and the game are still running even in July.

There is some people who really like the idea of being able to play one night a week in Montreal and actually like the game/scenario that I am preparing, different from the ones being made during the winter time.

The best game at Action 500 are those with max 20-24 players total. They are 100 times better than when you have 60 peoples and everybody camps and spray everywhere! That's the reason why i am putting a limit of 24, there is one game that we were more than that and I refused people for that reason. At AC500 Less is better trust me!
C'était pas pour chier sur les games que tu organise...

Mais pour moi le airsoft au action 500 a rien a voir avec le airsoft... comme j'ai dit c'est du paintball sans les paintballs (a part les milliers effouarer partout ).
Pis en passant c'est bien la première année qu'il y'as du airsoft en été la bas.

Félicitation pour le fait que tu organises des games la pour ceux qui ne peuvent aller aux games a l'extérieur de Montréal.

En passant j'y ai été en masse au action 500 juste pas cette année; j'ai commencer a y aller quand tu connaissait même pas c"était quoi le airsoft.
Pas besoin de m'expliquer comment ca se déroule.
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