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Originally Posted by Johnny Campini View Post
I did.
Dude you never sent me any PM whatsoever regarding the Action 500 games. I wrote in my thread that for anyone that has questions regarding the games to PM me and you never did...Don't call Action they don't know, it's me who organize them and if people has any questions they ask me through PM on this website (that's what has been agreed with me and the AC manager and that's what I have posted in the thread).

Donc si tu as des questions ou si tu veux jouer pas de trouble shoot moi un PM ou inscrit toi lors de la prochaine game. Habituellement je les fais aux 2 semaines!

Yeah sure... do you know anybody who attended?

There was like 13 guys last game (on the roster)... Nothing to compare to the winter games.
Dude instead of talking about something that you don't know shit about, (the game that I am hosting) you should come see for yourself if they really cant compare to the winter games, I was told that after March nobody would come and yet we are in July and the game are still running even in July.

There is some people who really like the idea of being able to play one night a week in Montreal and actually like the game/scenario that I am preparing, different from the ones being made during the winter time.

The best game at Action 500 are those with max 20-24 players total. They are 100 times better than when you have 60 peoples and everybody camps and spray everywhere! That's the reason why i am putting a limit of 24, there is one game that we were more than that and I refused people for that reason. At AC500 Less is better trust me!
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