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Originally Posted by Strelok View Post
Did you not read the locked thread? Christ people are lazy.

Here : Go back to the main Forum page. Scroll down, and find the 'Games and Events Schedual" thread.

Click on the quebec one, not hard. There should be threads present with information in the montreal area.

yeah... Its not hard.

here whats you have for july

Juillet / July
3 Gatineau, QC (Combat 307) - OP: Hell March 3 - Hosted by Jackals
Players may camp until 1200hrs on Sunday July 4th
ASC Thread
ASC Thread ASC Thread

10 Mirabel, QC (Paintball Mirabel) - Opération Libération - Présenté par Les Bâtards et JoWade
Partie de soirée / Evening game
ASC Thread
ASC Thread ASC Thread

10 Petawawa, ON - Op: Drug Pin
ASC Thread
ASC Thread ASC Thread

17 Ottawa, ON (LZ Ottawa) - OP Kigali - Hosted by Kokanee
TBA / à venir

17 St-Hippolyte, QC - Séminaire sur la fonction du sniper - Présenté par FOX_111

24 St-Hippolyte, QC - OP Frappe Préventive - Présenté par ISIS
Milsim 12H pour joueurs expérimentés seulement / 12H milsim for experience players only

24 Petawawa, ON - OP Drug Bust III

MONTREAL ?... nothing. (st-hipolyte, petawawa, mirabel...)

And this is all outside games...

I asked for places, interior if possible, were you can play airsoft.

If someone have a hint about this... if someone knew a place...

Should i conclude there is no airsoft in MONTREAL???
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