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Originally Posted by Tsquared View Post
What would be the best bang for your buck, and full metal gun.

I'm not too familiar with the gas powered ones myself, and curious to also know what kind of gas does it use, and low long it last.
I wont go to much into detail in regards to "best bang for your buck" because GBBR rifles are money pits and require a sufficient investment and not just to the core GBBR itself. The current abundant available models in Canada at this time are the WE AWSS M4 and the Tanio Koba KJW M4, there are also gas powered bolt action rifles available as well. You can take the time to google and research some reviews for yourself to see the pro's and cons.

Gas rifles are usually powered by green gas (also known commonly as propane) which is stored in the magazines of the guns. This is the part where all attempts to save money get thrown out the window because GBBR magazines can be somewhat expensive and it is entirely useless to even think you could play all day with only 1 magazine. Gas consumption varies so expect anywhere from one and a half to three magazines per fill.

Other existing options for gas are duster and Co2. Duster being a weaker gas is generally preferred for indoor use. C02 magazines are recently become available for some lines of GBBRs but some upgrades and enhancements maybe required to the GBBR before one can use a Co2 magazine.

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