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Use of connectors?

Hey there everyone!

I've try to look for this but couldn't find an answer, just people beating around the brush...

Anyways, my question is:

What's the deal with different types of connectors?...

There is the "mini" type, and I just got a battery with "large" type, then when I'm researching, I found "dean" type?!?!

Why are there so many different once?! AND WHAT ARE THEY FOR?!...

I just got a gun that uses large type connectors... Which I don't have a charger for!!!! Where should I look for that type of connectors?...

If there's a link that will answer all my question, I'd love to visit it. But could you still dumb it up for me?... I'm going CRAZY after spending 2 hours looking for a simple answer!..
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