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WOW. There are some 100% right answers here.Very impressive considering the few details we supplied.

I will let Jay crown the winners however.

In regards to acurization. There is still allot of testing to do, but we are looking at this process to make a 100% consistant spherical diameter. This means we can let snipers take a round that used to AVERAGE 5.95 and replace it with a round that is ALWAYS 6.01 or 6.02.

This plays on the generally accepted idea that a tighter match between the BB and the barrel (up to a point) equals more accuracy. At this point we don't know what the effects of reduced blowby might be, or the changes in how the BB moves down the barrel (less bouncing, more spin imparted from the barrel itself etc), so much testing is on the way.

In regards to price. Most snipers I know who really embrace the role don't toss too many rounds in a game anyway. I, on the other hand, burn through and entire bag of .30s in a game easy. So the pricepoint is relative to your style of play.

These actually have me interested in sniping for the first time ever in my airsoft career. And I am a full auto FTW kind of guy LOL.
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