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Originally Posted by Azathoth View Post
Not many people have 200ft basements that they can accurately zero a gun. hell it's probably a challenge to find a windless environment at 100ft for most people.
Agreed, but you don't need even 100ft to improve basic accurization. Most AEGs barrels are so poorly centered and sights so off that even doing a basic accurization with the kit I'll provide will be a vast improvement.

But for those who do have access to a real steel gun range, there is plenty of distance available for far-distance accurization. I have access to several indoor and outdoor locations I can and have done accurization at.

It will be a limited appeal item, for sure, but enough to make it worthwhile in the long run. I've also not always done certain kinds of products in the BB business strictly on a supply-demand-profit basis. Some things are useful to have even if they are just low quantity items.

There is also something to be said for being a brand that sells the most accurized rounds in the world, and, pardon the pun, I aim for that.

Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
I'd say they are made of the same material as Billiard balls
No, not Eco friendly. Also that process does not scale down easily.

Originally Posted by Azathoth View Post
The issue is finding quality ammo at reasonable prices. and in most guns .43 is too light.
Weights are rising, but its a volume game, and the other problem is materials. Past .30g you make ugly compromises using composite ingredients that work okay in lower ratios but when you ramp up the weight and the ratios change the properties of the end result BB become progressively less desirable.
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