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Thumbs up Classic Army PRO-Line P90 (Canadian Version)

Picked this one up a few weeks ago, and have enjoyed going over it and touching every soft curve of this sexy little gun.

In the box: P90 TR, hi-cap mag, extra long barrel and silencer. NO battery included.

Entire gun feels solid in the hand, no twist whatsoever, except a TINY bit in the very front of the gun below the muzzle. Very comfortable to hold, and not too heavy to carry, while still feeling solid with enough weight to not feel like a kids' toy. Versatile 3-rail system for all your optical attachments. The 3 metal rails all easily remove with screws, should you want to paint the upper receiver.

The extra barrel is so you can remove the original barrel and use the longer one instead, and cover it up with the silencer. This will change the look of the gun and give you better accuracy. Saves you from buying a tightbore barrel, too, if accuracy is an issue for you.

The upper receiver is plastic, yes, but of solid construction, and very easily painted black with 2-3 thin coats of Krylon. The upper receiver on a real P90 is polycarbonate plastic anyway...

The upper receiver easily removes from the rest of the gun with the press of a small tab underneath where the magazine sits. Here you can easily and without tools remove the barrel and hopup unit and adjust the hopup.

This hopup unit is FULL METAL and operates very smoothly and consistently. (Hopup can also be adjusted through a small access door on the top of the hand grip area):

The trigger and fire selector switch are both very easy to use, using your left or right hand, finger, or thumb. The trigger pull may be a bit still for those used to mp5's and M4's, but you get used to it very quickly.

I have not had an AEG that was so easy to work on as this one. Shown below is the battery compartment, accessible by a push-button release on the butt plate. Remove 2 screws and pull out the cover plate, and the entire mechbox comes out:

Also, twist the hopup unit to the side, and the barrel and springs all come out of the upper receiver. The cocking lever is held in position by these springs.

Here the gun has been taken apart; only by undoing 2 screws. The mechbox is out and ready to be inspected.

First things I noticed:
-High quality beautiful metal mechbox
-7mm bearings
-The electrical trigger assembly pops off no problems with just 2 screws
-The motor mount swings down and out of the way

Undo all the screws and remove the long clip across the top of this mechbox to take it apart and see inside:

-High quality metal gears: these were almost already perfectly shimmed; I added only one .1 mm shim to each gear, that was all it needed

-Metal bearing rear spring guide

-Piston and Piston head are both hard polycarbonate plastic, the last tooth on the piston is metal. I see this as being the only part inside this mechbox to ever fail, and then only after a long time of use with high voltage batteries. I had fired approx 500 rounds through it already with a 11.1Volt Lipo battery, and while the piston teeth showed no signs of wear, I did see a few tiny hairs of plastic on the gear teeth. If you plan on running Lipo's full-time, plan on replacing it with a full metal-toothed piston at some point.

Another view of the piston and the head. Cylinder head is plastic; I removed the rubber pad to replace with a sorbothane pad. Note that the nozzle location is offset and not in the centre. I had to punch out the hole in the sorbo pad myself.
Air nozzle is an o-ring nozzle, and slides very smoothly.

I cleaned all the parts and greased them with Super Lube silicone grease. Everything went back together without a hitch.


Unfortunately I have no chronograph to test the FPS of this gun, however, reports are coming in from other owners of this gun shooting around 370-380 stock. I replaced my spring for a M100 so it will shoot around 350 for indoor CQB. I'll post further when I`m able to chrony it.

All of my rounds were fired using the original-length barrel. Accuracy was fairly decent for a gun with that sort of a barrel, grouping in about a 1 to 1-1/2 foot radius at about 100 feet away. (I will be putting in a 6.01 mm tightbore; will update that info later.)

Magazine is a hi-cap, of course, and works well in concept. You fill the mag up with BB's, and then spend about 3 minutes winding it. You cannot wind it once it's in the gun. But if properly used, it will fire the entire magazine on one wind. It needs to be tapped frequently to keep the BB's moving into the feeder. But to make this gun look right, you are going to want to get some real TM 68 round midcaps anyway. Problem solved.

In conclusion, I am very pleased with the construction and performance of this gun, and recommend it to anyone, also as a viable alternative to the TM version.

-Sexy looks and hot curves (like the other woman in my life )
-Easy to work on/ upgrade
-Classic Army ProLine quality
-Beautiful well-built mechbox
-Option to install long barrel and silencer
-IMHO, Lipo-ready

-Necessary to paint the upper receiver
-Need I mention the magazine?

-Non- full metal toothed piston (though to many this is not an issue at all...)

Please feel free to ask any more questions so I can improve my review with more information.

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