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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
I know the market here is very limited for such types of ammo, but, BB Bastard now spans Canada, the US and shortly Europe. There are jurisdictions that would even use these in games - even at higher velocities, its still under ASTM F1776 for joule level paintball goggle penetration. Would I want to be tagged with one of these? Nope. Talk about hurt locker. But for accurized distance shooting or competition shooting, for sure.

I have a number of materials that form hardened crystal lattices that can be used to make various levels of weight. I'm experimenting with at least 3 more right now.
There is a growing community of hardball players in Canada and the limits that we are playing are comparable with the Russian/norweigan limits 4-6joules. The issue is finding quality ammo at reasonable prices. and in most guns .43 is too light.

As for your target ammo. There are too many factors that affect the "accuracy" or an airsoft gun that is completely out of our control. It's not like we can go to an indoor range and zero the guns. Not many people have 200ft basements that they can accurately zero a gun. hell it's probably a challenge to find a windless environment at 100ft for most people.

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Lead is bad, steel is fine.
Field owners don't want aluminum/copper BB's being shot on their property and left there forever. Indoor facilities is a different matter. you can sweep the floors, wash the BB's and after inspecting them it MAY be possible to shoot them again.
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it would appear I am not first up in this gang-bang
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