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Originally Posted by BABU View Post
i totally understand renegade, im not sayin its expensive or anything, just you have to see it from my point of view, i just want to order the one piece, an $8 part...and to pay $9 shipping for that $8 part....just seems dumb to me, id normally have no problem waiting and ordering more stuff as i need it, but for now that's all i need to get my aeg going and dont want to spend more money on other unnecessary upgrades

ive already ordered my other stuff from the site, and the shipping is very reasonable and fast, but then i was ordering roughly $40 worth of parts and had a couple pieces

just lookin for a cheaper option to get the $8 part

so ya ill contact jugglez by pm and see about just regular letter mail, or if any1 in the k-w region is ordering anything from there ill gladly chip in if you order me the part

Ah you made it sound like something else... I understand, it sucks, but sometimes if that is all you need and you need it timely, you have to bite the shipping costs more than the item itself bullet.
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